Ideas To Make Money Without Investment


Making money is something everyone wants to do.  But can everyone stand in a queue, attend numerous interviews and do a nine-to-five job on a daily basis. There are many who want to venture out on their own and start a business. Starting a business can give one the freedom and exposure that is required to bring out the hidden talents.

However, a business needs investment and not everyone can invest upfront and wait for the returns. This is one of the main reasons new talents are hidden or vanish quickly. They don’t have the resources and are scared to step out of their comfort zone due to financial responsibilities.

Don’t Invest

Are there options for one to start a business without any investment? Yes there are many. Here are a few simple ideas one can put to use and make money without investment:

Fitness – Today everyone wants to be fit. Almost everyone at all age groups is health conscious and wants to try out new routines to keep them fit and happy. Being this the case, one can start conducting classes based on what they have learnt.

Tai-chi, yoga, aerobics, Zumba, general cardio workouts, etc can all be done outdoors. Use your very own backyard or use the nearest park or garden that is open to the public. Not only will you get a good crowd but will have a steady flow of people attending your sessions, which is important to keep you motivated.

Once you have a steady crowd, you can start charging and move to a private place which will require a small deposit. This money can be paid out of your monthly fees itself.

Sketch – If you are a talented artist, you can always sketch for people on a free lance basis. This requires hardly any investment because you can do the initial portraits and painting with the supplies you already own. Take the money out of your first sale and buy more materials. Slowly yet steadily, your business will grow.


There are many more such options for one to choose from. one must be ready to experiment and take a risk as that is when the best in us comes out to the surface.

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